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You don’t need better cameras, social marketing tricks or even a ridiculous budget. Right now what you need is clarity… which happens to be our specialty. The Major Tom Media team is not just made up of award winning writers, photographers, directors and producers , but also agency and corporate marketers who have guided hundreds of clients (just like you) to the success they desire.

What good is a video if no one sees it? Don’t spend thousands on a commercial and then put it on your website and YouTube. Video without advertising is a waste, just as, advertising without video is a long slow uphill battle.

Let us put over 20 years of advertising experience to work for your company. We will design an actual advertising campaign, shoot the video and manage the campaign to ensure you meet your defined goals.



Stop separating the story from the marketing!

There is no need to tell a story until we know who we are telling it to and what action we want them to take. We will assist you in making these decisions and setting a specific goal for your video. From there, we design a fully integrated video and pair it with the proper digital advertising campaign needed to get your targeted audience to take the action you desire.

GOAL: Placing the properly aligned story that illicit the desired action directly in front of your targeted market.


Unlike traditional marketing videos, Brand Stories focus on the benefits of your brand more than just the features. Where most videos focus on how something works a Brand Story shows the difference your brand makes and the emotions that follow that difference.

When researched and written with your audience in mind a true Brand Story shows the change created by your brand instead of just talking about it.

GOAL: Showcase your brand or business in a way that resonates through an emotional reaction. Emotional reactions linger long past the end of your video and will result in brand loyalty and evangelism. 


While we specialize in story & revenue driven video and video marketing, we realize there are videos necessary for support of your primary marketing efforts. Testimonials, some social media content as well as explainer videos and product demonstrations are a main stay for most companies. We do not pursue this work but are more than qualified to deliver these services and even source others that specialize in these fields.

GOAL: To save you time, money and effort by providing you with the right resources, the first time. Whether that is with our team or someone else’s.


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